Friday, October 18, 2013

EEK! Magazine shut down and no return date as of Yet

It's been a long time since subscribers last received an email from EEK! and I miss it a lot. The below mentioned info was received on September 1 and nothing has followed. If there is anyone who would like to advertise their goods or upcoming events I don't mind dedicated some posts. If you're interested contact me via email: 
Folks greetings from EEK!land.

Sadly this mailer is not the next issue of EEK!, but a quick few words
on why we've been quiet.

First of all, we've not been shut down, or bought (and your email sent
to 5trillion e-shot shops), or a nasty car accident, or whatever, its
simply that a few things converged at the same time. Fact is we're
actually expanding into two other areas, and for that we need things to
be "bigger"; bigger PC, bigger email capacity, bigger software
capability, and of course, a bigger staff compliment. All of this went
with a nice dosage of "moving office". So, in short, its nothing short
of controlled chaos, and sadly we've had to delay on getting the issues

I need to note that it may be imperative that all new subscriptions
will have to go through a bulk mail system as we simply cannot afford
putting up the kind of money required to set up our own system - but
it’s still a dream! Talking about dreams, while we've been quiet, our
subscriber count has quietly passed the 11000 mark. Oh, yes, its also
not always possible to get into our email box, apologies for those late

So, in short, please bear with us, things will only get better, and
YES!, EEK! is alive and well (cough-cough!) :)

Best regards,

EEK! Publisher
I  hope they get back up and running soon I really do miss the great information each month. I know they continually asked for more subscribers but it seems having so many emails turned into a headache in the end, I wish them all the luck in the world and can't wait for their return.


  1. Dear All (at crazykuwait!), EEK! plans to be back on track in early November, thanks for checking out for us! EEK! Media

  2. Yay! Can't wait, I really miss my dosage of EEK!

  3. It's been so long since I've had my monthly dosage of EEK and really miss it. I notice on here that you will be back bigger and better. Do you know when ??

  4. Unfortunately I haven't heard anything from them until now.....I don't know what happened.

  5. I guess they didn't fix their problems?


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