Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Drunk Kuwaiti driver takes out 7 red lights before Crashing

A Kuwaiti driver gulped a few liquor bottles, got into his car and drove on a busy street in the oil-rich Gulf emirate without noticing the signals were red. The intoxicated man was driving without licence on the opposite direction.

A police patrol which happened to be in the area and saw the mad act chased the car and waved many times to the driver to stop.

Instead of slowing down and stopping, the driver sped up, ignoring the police car sirens and the light flashes by the scores of cars coming his way.

“He jumped seven red signals but could not jump the 8th one as he banged into it,” the Kuwaiti Arabic language daily Al Anba said.

It said police arrested the driver, who was not hurt in the accident, and filed five count of charges again him—driving in the opposite direction, driving without a licence, ignoring a police signal to stop, jumping red lights and dangerously fleeing police patrols.link
Deported? Nope, he's Kuwaiti. Jailed? Doubt it, he's Kuwaiti. I think he did a little more than "banging" into it, sometimes I wonder who hires these reporters.

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