Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Kuwait MOI in touble for spelling Error

A Kuwaiti newspaper on Sunday assailed the ministry of interior for misspelling the word “please”, saying the ministry has taken the English language to the 15th century.

The Arabic language daily Al Anba carried a picture of a large electronic board installed by the ministry of interior above a motorway saying :”everybody pleace keep calm.”

“It seems the ministry of interior has decided to take us back to the 15th century when the word ‘please’ was written ‘pleace’….such a mistake has exposed the ministry and it seems that this department and other government offices need an Arabic-English proofreader to avoid such scandalous errors,” the paper said.(link)

Some more examples:

They just now realize they have a bunch of morons trying to translate Arabic to English? At least it didn't say "ibleeez"....... come on folks "pleace" use spell check.

UPDATE: I get emails all of the time from Kuwait websites I have not subscribed to so yesterday I was in the process of trying to unsubscribe when I saw the "unsuscribe" option.
Does anyone double check their spelling before approval?


  1. I saw several of these English errors on signs there. It's funny really. I can tell you if I had to make a sign in Arabic it would be muuuuccchh worse. haha

  2. haha, we have similar morons over here working at the Kuwait University.. circulars/memos are forwarded in Arabic with an English translation attached. nowadays I find it either to just use Google translate and translate the Arabic directly into English instead of trying to make head or tail out of the English translation. Yes, its that bad!


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