Saturday, December 21, 2013

Zoo animals for sale in Kuwait

 A new business, this time not on Instagram, is opening up in Kuwait. The Kuwait Zoo will begin selling animals from its collections including peacocks, European and red deer, pygmy goats, parrots, ponies, wildebeest and others. Need a peacock for your garden or a pony for your children’s birthday parties? Head to the zoo starting from December 30 to pick out the perfect less-thanexotic pet.
The zoo, which has faced criticism in recent years due to overcrowding and less than ideal conditions for the animals, said that it has too many animals and too little space and therefore will sell some of the most populous breeds off. For the high demand items – like ponies – the zoo will hold a draw. Those interested to buy can register and on the appointed day, zoo officials will draw names. “Each person is only allowed to buy one animal, and must show their civil ID. Also the buyer won’t be able to specify a particular animal – [he cannot choose the black pony, for instance.] The buyer will get a pony but they will be chosen and distributed at random to avoid any conflicts,” Abdulmuhsin Mustafa, Head of Administrative Department at the Zoo told the Kuwait Times.
Previously the zoo has auctioned off animals but now prices for all the animals have been fixed and the dates as well. Other animals may be placed up for sale in the future. The zoo also has some basic requirements: “For instance the buyer should provide suitable transportation for the animals. We won’t allow him to transfer a deer or pony in an open pickup vehicle,” said Mustafa. “He should have a suitable cage vehicle. Also these are not rare animals so people in general know what to feed them,” he added.
The animals for sell do not include wild animals as the law forbids selling or even processing them. Plans for a new, larger zoo are still in the earliest stages and are not expected to be realized any time soon. Kuwait zoo does not use any contraceptive methods or sterilization that control unwanted breeding.
Separating the animals in different cages is the method Kuwait zoo has chosen to use as a method to reduce mating. Located in Omariya, off the Fifth Ring Road and Highway 55, the Kuwait Zoo welcomes visitors daily from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm. Entrance is 500
I  wonder if they really have any plans for a new zoo? The interest these days is buying up property in London to build up their portfolio and trying to keep up with the other GCC countries, not to improve anything in Kuwait. I've never heard of a zoo selling off their animals like old furniture. Maybe they should have handled the breeding in a better way but of course that would require employees with actual degrees in veterinarian medicine not low wage laborers. What are the plans for the money they make?

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