Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Al Shaya Employee Outlet

I was finally able to visit the secret Al Shaya employee outlet where prices of clothing are slashed to crazy prices. Unfortunately I didn't find anything interesting to buy but I've heard they get weekly shipments, I am almost positive that the day of delivery is probably like 'Black Friday' in the states and one has to get there the minute the items are put out or they're out of luck.

 These shoes were 300 KD and now 30 KD, I don't know anyone who would wear them but the price was crazy.
 Bright red men's shoes from Vivienne Westwood

I don't know if anyone has noticed people on Facebook selling clothing but a lot of the clothing comes from employees of Al Shaya, they get a discount and sell them at full cost. Al Shaya is a cool company but they don't pay very well unless you reach the top floor.


  1. I heard many complains about the management :/

  2. Where is this located? Can you give me more details about the location?

  3. @newQ8bride the company makes it difficult to get employed there even with the high turn over, I've heard of British expats coming to work for them and the day before they finished their 90 day period they would fire them.

    @jerin maria you have to be or know and employee of Al Shaya to get passed the security gate


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