Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fintas Park Destroyed

This park in Fintas isn't very old yet it looks like it's been abandoned for a number of years by the looks of the equipment. It's a shame that people would destroy these things provided by the government. We have no where else to go besides malls and for those who want to walk and be outdoors they have to come each day and look at the mess.

 Where is the security? Why aren't people taught to appreciate things rather than destroy?

 Exposed electrical wires??
 The cleaners just chilling when there is trash all over the place

 These sharp building materials scattered around
It's not the first or last park that will be destroyed, people have to be educated before anything will change.

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  1. shame, shame SHAME! where is the local baladiya, you would never see anything like this is any developed country!


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