Tuesday, September 8, 2015

K's Path Fire- Donations Needed!

Our store room burned down. All our staff and animals are safe and fine. No one was hurt or injured. The fire has burned all of our food. We need your help! Please email us info@kspath.org our phone line is closed today. Anything you can donate is much appreciate! We would like to thank the Wafra fire department for the speed of their response and for their help with everything! #Kspath #fire #help #donate المخزن احترق، كل الموظفين و الحيوانات بخير الحمدالله. اكل القطط و الكلاب احترق و محتاجين مساعدتكم. للتواصل ابعثوا إيميل لان خط التلفون مغلق اليوم. نشكر المطافئ لسرعة خدمتهم و مساعداتهم اليوم.

Link to video of fire.

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