Thursday, September 29, 2011

Alshaya stores scrap cash refunds to buyers

I noticed this here in Kuwait a couple weeks ago when I returned some clothing. I was always happy to shop at H&M because they would give you cash back if you returned items. I was given a credit card to use at Al Shaya stores. Give me a break! Even though I love H&M I will not shop as much as I used to. I will start shopping online again. It's also the case with CenterPoint, they have never returned cash either. It's like they are holding your money hostage. Sometimes H&M doesn't have correct sizes and I hate having to drive all over Kuwait trying to find something I like.

Alshaya stores scrap cash refunds to buyers - Retail -

Buyers returning faulty or unwanted goods to stores owned by Alshaya will no longer receive cash or credit card refunds under a new scheme that replaces refunds with store credit.

Staff in five Dubai Alshaya-owned stores, including Debenhams, H&M and Oasis, said they were only allowed to give customers store credit in exchange for returned items, even in cases where the goods were faulty, out of stock or repeatedly defective.

The new scheme gives customers 12 months to spend their ‘Alshaya gift card’ but also forces buyers to use the money within the company’s network of stores.
The ruling may also breach Dubai consumer protection laws, which state that stores are obliged to give customers a cash refund if goods are found to be faulty.

Doesn't Al-Shaya own the Avenues? That means none of the stores in Avenues will give cash back?

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