Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Zumba in Kuwait

I tried out Zumba fitness before I left Florida and I thought it was great. I love the music and it was more like dancing than exercising. Finally there are classes here in Kuwait taught by Amani Abbasy, a Zumba qualified instructor. If I had more rythm I might have tried to be an instructor but for now I will be a student.

She will be teaching Zumba at B villa, it's 10 KD with Amani as an instructor I guess all other classes without Amani is 4 KD. Monthly packages are offered, depending on how many you want to take (minimum 16 KD). It's a little confusing so I will have to contact her for more info. I took a 6-week class for $60 back home so 10 KD per class is a little steep. I have the cd kit at home with my shaker sticks so I may have to stick with that, I just hate working out in front of the kids, they get a kick out of making fun of me.

The classes are located at B villa located at Al-Bida GGC st behind Al Zumurruda Hall, villa # 7
Telephone: 66991160
You can also find her on facebook: Zumba Kuwait

If anyone takes the class let me know how it is.

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