Thursday, September 29, 2011

‘Pay hikes, bonuses to harm national economy’

I agree with this. No one has tried to study the cause and effect of giving away all of this money. With corruption already sucking up money now it's the salary increase. Yes, some Kuwaiti citizens are not paid that much, even with degrees. But when one sits on his butt all day and doesn't work for their income then I think they shouldn't receive a dime. For those who have hard jobs and deserve it should get it. I think chicks who sit in the Ministries and talk on the phone all day shouldn't get one fil more as well as those who are always absent.

There should be a study done before awarding all of this money. Oil won't last forever and Kuwait is far from being a top travel destination so be careful what you wish for, it may have a negative effect on the future generations.

‘Pay hikes, bonuses to harm national economy’:

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 28: The government is currently studying the possibility of increasing the cost of living allowance from KD 120 to KD 220 for all Kuwaiti workers, reports Al-Anba daily quoting sources.

Sources said the proposal was presented recently in a meeting with the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to discuss the proposed salary increment for those not covered by the pay raise decisions issued earlier.

Meanwhile, Al-Mustaqbal daily has reported that the consultative committee tasked to study the local and international economic positions recommended halting the payment of salary increments and additional allowances in a recently-concluded meeting. The committee argued granting demands for salary and allowance increments, which cost billions of dinars, is not a good move at this time, because the whole world is still grappling with the economic crisis.

The committee warned about the dire consequences if the government continues to approve demands for increments, asserting this step may jeopardize the economy. and destroy the social structure due to the widening gap between various sectors in the society. It has also derided some government institutions for giving in to the demands of the protesters without taking into consideration the negative impact of such moves to the Kuwaiti economy.

People should think about the long run before protesting.


  1. While I'm no expert economics, seems to me the countries surplus would be better invested in ways that improve the standard of living for ALL inhabitants.
    How about creating jobs to collect litter from the streets?
    How about improving infrastructures (streets, streetlights, parks etc).
    Investing in the ground you stand on, puts money in the pockets of the working people, who then spend upward through the middle class which seems nearly nonexistent in this country.
    How can such a rich country be so filled with so many dirt parking lots and roads in highly populated residential areas?
    It's sad to me.

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