Monday, September 19, 2011

QualityNet part 2

I finally got my QualityNet working after making 2 seperate appointments. My husband deals with the customer service people and from what he says they are not the best. He made an appointment with them between 12-1 p.m. and at 10 a.m. the guy calls and says he's ready to come work on it even though my husband had a different time scheduled.

The guy told him if he didn't do the work at his time then we would have to reschedule. After some more calls to the company they sent a technician who usually works in the city to our area. It seems the other guy got into a car accident. Karma? Anyways, the tech came that night and hooked up the service.

So far so good for our area. I thought it would be outstanding and fast but when I tried to watch some videos on CNN it wasn't real good. It kept stopping and playing, I hate that. I'm beginning to think it's the are we live in. Mangaf and those areas seem to have crappy reception no matter what company provides service.

I must say I used my Magic Jack for the first time to call my grandmother in Florida and it worked finally. That made the whole trouble and waiting 6 months worth it. If anything I can use it to call the states so I'm happy. It's also a good feeling to not worrying about it disconnecting at any minute because I forgot to pay. Wataniya can keep their crappy service and I don't have a 25 KD charge each month.

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

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