Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hire More Americans

The company I work for should really hire more Americans instead of sub-contracting British people who make more than the Americans. It seems the Americans were hired on a surge making $24 an hour and the Brits were making $28 an hour, that is really not cool. If the Americans stayed on after the surge was over they are now making $19 an hour. What!?

After reading about all the homless and poor people in America who are actually educated but hit hard times it saddens me to think that Brits are taking jobs away from Americans, working on an American base. Everyone knows Brits do not like Americans so we all know they are smiling in our faces and taking pay that should go to Americans.

Some of them have no respect for the base either, one Brit in particular wears his boxes to eat in the DFAC. The DFAC he goes to is a Kuwaiti owned restaurant called the Oasis but the fact is he wears his boxers. They ride our shuttles because they claim it's faster than bringing their buses on base, which means less seating for the Americans. Of course it wasn't brought on by the employees it was those who work in contracts that allow it to happen. It just happens that the old PM liked FNs and thought by hiring 1000 more of them he could make money off of it.

It didn't work and now he's gone but we have 1000 more FNs riding around on base working on military equipment without a secret clearance although it's required for Americans, go figure.

Don't get me wrong, there are some Brits that I work with that are totally cool, but one time a few years back when I worked in an office there was a British guy who came to see my boss so he waited in my office. We were talking and then he told me "I don't like Americans", I was like ok well we don't like you. Ever since that day I just feel that they smile in your face but really don't like you.

Some Kuwaitis have said they like to deal with Brits in business and Americans as friends. I just think about my fellow Americans suffering in the states that could use a job, especially these days.

This is my opinion, feel free to disagree, it's your right.


  1. Hello, I am moving to Kuwait (my fiance lives there) but grew up in California and have lived in Ramallah for nearly two years. The job hunt in the west bank is really different than Kuwait, I would you have suggestions or knowledge on how competitive the job market is? Or where to look?

  2. Since you have been working in the west bank you passport will have an Israeli visa stamp correct? You may have a problem entering the country as they frown on anyone who has visited Israel even though you are not Jewish. My husband's boss for KBR was an Arab native with US nationality and had visited his family in the West Bank and was refused entry to Kuwait.I will ask my hubsand for sure.

    As far as jobs, I don't know what field you're in so I really don't know where to start. You can try looking at for some ideas.


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