Wednesday, September 21, 2011

GCC guys claim your children

I just read this post from one of the website forums. I hoped this situation had stopped but I guess it's still going on. GCC guys who go to study abroad, find girlfriends, live as a couple and when it's time to go home they leave behind a child or even children. It used to happen more in the late 90's when there was a whole bunch of GCC guys in the states. They come to play and sew their wild oats then go back home to get married. It's about time women who are in this situation unite and let the GCC countries know what's going on.

I remember reading a book from some KSA females about the stuff they do, it was a book of emails. I would like to do the same, instead compile a book of stories from women who have encountered these GCC guys and talk about the children left behind. I even submitted the idea to news programs but no one has taken the idea seriously. Since it is such a taboo no one really knows the amount of children left behind.

Im pregnant from Kuwaiti naval officer : Kuwait expat forum (1):

"Hi, I got in a relationship with kuwaiti man that not only lied but cheated but now I'm pregnant and he tells me I must have abortion bcz if I don't his life will b ruined n God will never forgive him... The thing here is I want my baby more than anything but yett he makes me feel guilty about my decision ... Please help"

If you are in this situation or know someone who is I would like to know their stories as I would like to publish a book with the stories of these forgotten children who should claim their rights. Please email me your stories and I will do my best to produce a book and let the GCC nations know what their students are really doing abroad.


  1. "he tells me I must have abortion bcz if I don't his life will b ruined n God will never forgive him..." The mentality is seriously crazy !!

  2. Is there any decent man in that country? They all cheat? I recently have met one here where I live in France who I have been going out till he tells stories not being ashamed at all about making her girlfriend to have an abortion while he was studying in USA; chasing dogs in the desert with the jeep till they got tired and he will throw his pit bulls to them, he even hit a girlfriend because she did not want to have sex with him and also an ex cocaine addicted. One month ago during Ramadan he forced me to have sex with him, and later as he knew what he did is haram, he started to pray. As I said to him, he was really lost. He does not even want to say sorry to me. He keeps saying he is spoiled, now I read this blog, I understand that they want to behave like good Muslims but they are corrupted. And the funny thing is that he works as a policeman in Kuwait, if such a scum represents the law, I rather not to meet the others. I have not read anything good about men in that country. I feel disappointed because he had recently an arm operation and I have helped him even to get dressed and many other things. I think his mentality is like many over there, showing off about money although this guy when he came to Europe he even had to ask his mother for money as he never saves at all. I have been traveling a lot and I must say, I never have met such a bad person like him in my life. But of course, he does Ramadan…a complete hypocrite.

  3. It's so unfortunate of how a handful makes the rest look bad... I can't speak for all but yes I see this everyday q8s cheating on there wives in the USA without Shame n it almost looks like they feel entitled to doing it bcz of the wealth and status they proclaim....the finagle one aswell n not so single bcz all of them proclaim to have girlfriends in q8 sad


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