Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Restaurant suggestion: Mongolian Grill

I think a burger bust will come soon if they continue bringing burger joints. A person can only eat so many expensive fancy burgers until they get sick of them.

Here's an idea, open up a Monglian grill like the one we had at our mall in Riverside. I'm not sure if people here can grasp the concept of picking out their food by themselves but I always thought it was a cool concept as I am picky when it comes to what I like in or on my food.

At these restaurants you start off with an empty bowl and start by adding your proteins, move on to your veggies, back to the noodles and off to the spices. Pile it as high as you can and head to the grill. You hand it over to the grill guy and he cooks it up in front of you using some huge chop sticks.

People watching the guy grill their food.

Grill guy in action.

Buffet you choose your goodies from.

A healthier alternative to burgers.

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