Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Kuwait to reduce expat population by half

Some more news on reducing the expat population. I wish they would do something instead of talking about it.

Kuwait to reduce expat population by half
Posted on 9/11/2011

Kuwait is planning to reduce the expat workforce within the next five years by more than half of its current population, reports local dailies. Currently 70 percent of the population is expatriates. Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Dr Mohammad Al-Afasi said that Kuwait is planning to cut down the expat population to 34% from the current level by organizing the process of recruiting expatriate workers.

Daily reported quoting minister that in the past few years alone, 15,000 expatriates settled in Kuwait after entering the country on commercial visas which they then exchanged for work permits. Ministry already stopped this conversion of visit to work by the beginning of this month.

Al-Afasi stressed that those expatriates already living in the country would not be affected by the new regulations, saying, "The amendments are required to prevent further increase to the current demographical imbalance." He added that bringing more foreign workers to Kuwait from other countries would adversely affect Kuwaitis' and expatriates' job opportunities.

Hurry up and do something Kuwait. I am sick of traffic jams at 6 a.m. and once again at 4 p.m. and that's going toward Arifjan, not the city. Raise the salary requirements for driving license to 500 KD or more to cut down on traffic. I also think an increase at the government hospitals would be a good idea. People come here from poor countries on visit visas just to go to the hospitals for free which drains resources for people who live here.

The visa 14 to visa 18 ban has started affecting our employees. I wonder what the next rule will be?


  1. Will they lift the ban anytime soon?

  2. What do you mean by Visa 14 to 18 ban is started?
    Im just new here in kuwait, my visa is 17.

  3. It is a mistake to expect good work from expatriates for it is not what they do that matters but what they are not doing.
    well, if someone looking for good job opportunity specially Nigerian citizens must check , Oil & Petroleum Jobs


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