Monday, October 31, 2011

Legal staff in govt agencies demand salary increments

Enough already....

Legal staff in govt agencies demand salary increments:

Govt’s failure to fulfil its promise condemned


"The legal staff in 52 government agencies gathered Sunday at the Ministries Complex in protest of the government’s alleged failure to fulfill its promise to raise their salaries to be equal to those given to their counterparts at the Fatwa and Legislation Administration.

Board of Director of the Legal Staff Union Hamad Al-Wardan condemned the government for neglecting their rights, asserting they will continue holding protest actions until their demands are met. He also criticized the government for appointing expatriate workers to replace those who are on strike in public agencies, stressing this step is unconstitutional and contravenes the international treaties, as well as the regulations of the Civil Service Commission (CSC).

Meanwhile, Media Campaign Director General at the union Ahmad Al-Kandari said the legal staff will resign en masse if the government continues to ignore their demands, in addition to holding a series of strikes."

Ok, if the government wants to give more they should give it to people who deserve an increase like those who actually show up to work and actually work. It shouldn't go to the people who are always late or absent, they surely don't deserve one fil more and they are the ones who are probably protesting. There should be conditions for increases.

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