Sunday, March 17, 2013

Emirati graduates eye $7,300 monthly salary for first job - Education -

We thought Kuwaiti graduates asked for a lot.....

Emirati graduates in the UAE are seeking pay of up toAED27,000 (US$7,300) for their first job and prefer working in the public sector, according to the findings of a new poll.

A study by recruitment firm found 86 percentand 66 percent of Emirati male and female graduates, respectively, favouredconditions in the public sector, citing higher salaries and greater jobsecurity.

Just 4 percent of male graduates and 10 percent of femalegraduates claimed they wanted to work in the private sector.

The report, which was conducted in association with tenuniversities in the UAE, also found that Abu Dhabi investment vehicle Mubadalawas the most popular working destination for new graduates, followed by AbuDhabi National Oil Company, Masdar and Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation.

The only private company to make’s list ofmost popular employers for Emirati graduates was advertising agency LeoBurnett, which ranked 12. Government-owned Emirates Airline came in at 7 in thestudy.

In terms of salary expectations, male Emiratis said theyexpected AED27,000 per month pay for a first time job, whereas women eyed anAED19,000 pay packet. (link)

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