Sunday, March 3, 2013

What To Do in Kuwait- Sheikh Mubarak Kiosk

I had to pick up some kohl from Mubarakiya and I spotted the Sheikh Mubarak Kiosk which I didn't know existed until I got the brochure of museums from the National Museum. Since the celebrations are on I guess they got a couple dudes to dress up in the old Kuwaiti uniforms which was cool and I would like to see some more people dressed up in historical attire when visiting various museums.  

A little history:
The kiosk consists of two levels. It was the headquarters of Sheikh Mubarak Al- Sabah and a plce where he supervised trade, followed up onissues of citizens, resolve their issues and negotiated with them according to the Kuwait Museums guide.

By this time my hubby had has his fill of Kuwait history and wanted to head home. The kiosk is located in Souk Mubarakiya across from the currency exchange market next to the date souk. 22408496


  1. And I am so glad to see some current photos of Kuwait :-) I know exactly where this place is; it used to be covered with grafitti and then they cleaned it up. Isn' t there also a samosa shop nearby which sells "the best samosas in Kuwait?" I love this entry!

  2. They moved the samosa shop but they fixed up the building when it became a heritage site.

  3. thanks for sharing


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