Thursday, March 28, 2013

Change for expats is coming to Kuwait

There were several articles about change coming to Kuwait in the Kuwait Times today. The country has been sleeping for so many years and finally change may be coming. Of course there is still "wasta" so there will still be people getting around the new laws but alas something is better than nothing.

Conditions for obtaining driver's licenses: (link)

Visa restrictions: (link)

Opinion by Labeed Abdal: (link)

I find it funny that in the beginning of the sentence it states the new law but further down talks about all the exemptions to the law. I guess time will tell if any of this talk will have any positive results. I just wish I could go back to 2005 when I could drive from Marina Mall to Fintas in 12 minutes. These days you can't get out of your parking space in 12 minutes, gone are the days of wanting to go out for fun, sadly any outing has to have a strategy on how to avoid traffic. Once upon a time everyone waited for summer months so everyone would leave and Kuwait would be empty, I really miss those days.

I'm thinking about changing jobs but when I went for the interview the place was in an over crowded area and getting out would take about an hour or more. It seems everyone has to consider the traffic and area instead of just the salary.


  1. I really don't understand the purpose of having a degree for obtaining the driver license(it sounds quite funny for me though i am myself a degree holder)..are degree holders are good drivers?? I think law should be like salary should be minimum 500 KD for obtaining the license and very strict testing system.

  2. I agree, they should have testing like in the states, I remember I failed my first test as a teenager and had to do it again. I also think the licenses should expire within 5 years or have to be renewed if you get a ticket as well. Could you imagine having to take a driving test on Kuwaiti roads?


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