Monday, March 11, 2013

P2BK event @ Mishref Fairgrounds

I took the family to the P2BK event on Saturday. I love the place! I hope they leave it up permanently for everyone to visit. There were all kinds of booths with a variety of things for sale. There were sand sculptures built by nine Americans brought in specifically for building the structures.

There were all kinds of graffiti art on the walls which were amazing! There was an area where old Kuwaiti items were displayed along with some old doors outside on the walls.

This is a recreation of the dhows that once filled the sea around Kuwait and one of the men who make these small ones for display.

My favorite booth was the one for old pictures. They have a sixty year old camera that takes old photos like the one of my daughter and nephew. Love it!
The police were in full force towing cars and giving tickets. Although they didn't impound that Lexus they did tow it outside of the fairgrounds and dropped it off in the dirt lot.
It is a great event and everyone should check it out! It started on March 6 and will last two weeks.

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