Tuesday, March 5, 2013

AWARE Center- Ajmal STUD farm Visit

AWARE Center:

09 Mar 2013, 10 am

Mr. Mohammad Al Marzouk, owner of the famous Ajmal Stud Farm, has invited the AWARE Center’s guests to his Arabian Horses Farm for a Cultural Experience related to Arabian Horses & their Lineage. The host will explain the history of the farm as well as various aspects of the Arabian horses while the horses perform under the watchful eye of the head trainer. Guests are able to gain first hand exposure to the uniqueness of Arabian horses.Fees: 5 KD per personRefreshments provided.
PRIOR REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Register through info@aware.com.kw or www.aware.com.kw
Departure from AWARE: 10 am; Return Departure: 2pm (Bus Transportation only)

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