Sunday, March 31, 2013

A desert Destroyed

Now that the heat of summer is steadily making it's way to us the desert camps have packed up leaving all of their trash behind. This year I saw green trash bins placed near the camps for collecting garbage. I decided to check one out to see if they are being used but of course it was empty and within 2 feet of the bright green bin there was trash everywhere.

This "well" thingy was part of a huge camp set up by a big company and this is how it was left. Not even the companies supplying this huge camp had the decency to pick up their mess. If they had to money to spend on this elaborate setup I'm sure they had money to clean it up and leave it as they had found it.

Toilet graveyard.
There was a fence keeping people out but of course it was cut away and a road was made leading to the camping area.
Even when the government tries to keep them out they break through the barrier. I wonder who is truly responsible for taking care of the desert?

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