Thursday, March 28, 2013

Million dollar cake stand for Sultan Qaboos

The Sultan of Oman must have a thing for English tea time considering his custom made million dollar cake stand.

 "Flown by private plane from Essex to Oman, this £1 million cake stand was commissioned by the Sultan of Oman to give his tea times a touch of English elegance.

The 14ft-high solid silver masterpiece was made by Christopher Lawrence, 78, a silversmith from Westcliff, Essex.

He proudly made it for the Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said, 72, who has an estimated £470m fortune.
Master silversmith Mr Lawrence created the cake stand 14 years ago, but has only now revealed the story.

The lavish one ton cake stand still serves the Sultan's guests at his palace in the Gulf.

Mr Lawrence explained: 'It was made in my workshop at home, and I then had to check that it all fitted together. So I erected it in the garden." (link)

I bet Prince Al Waleed of KSA doesn't have one of those.


  1. LOL, @ Sultan Qaboos.

    We love Enlgish stuff here in Oman. Except for old Sultan Sayeed in Queen Victoria's time who was sent a rather embarassing horse carriage, as if a warrior Sultan/Imam would sit like a woman in a carriage:)

  2. That is interesting. Better then spending his money o sports cars.

  3. But sports cars hold their value and you can sell them once you get bored, how many people want to buy a used cake stand lol


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