Monday, August 31, 2015

English Playgroup Jobs

So no degree needed, only high school? How is that possible when I know they are one of the famous schools who ask for degrees from administrative position applicants?


    long time residents know the history of that place. when owner had british wife, she opened it and ran it like a true english play school. then hubby played around. british wife left , succession of hubby's girlfriends came and went. one i think runs each one....stay far away

  2. Of course I've heard those stories. My sister and I went on a job interview with the owner 10 years ago when he only had Salwa location and didn't take the job. I've heard the rumors of his actions as well but it continues to grow and is starting to feel like McDonald's, one on every corner with high school fees.

    It's considered a 'haba' place to take your kids so you have bragging rights.

    1. I think they usually require a degree but they are desperate for teachers as the school year has already started. I actually accepted a job there as I'd heard good things about the school; is it not a good pace to work? I was planning on going there in a few months. My boyfriend works at another school at the moment and is enjoying life there.


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