Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Antique Haul

If people follow my blog they will know how much I love antiques, especially anything old Kuwaiti in which I plan to pass down to my kids. My mother's husband has a family house and now that his parents are in the hospital he and his sister have the daunting task of cleaning out the house that hasn't been touched in more than 30 years. 

A brochure for 1969 Impala which I used to own when I was younger in Cali

 Old cassette player and camera, still have to get batteries to see if they work
 !984 Nintendo Micro Vs. System Donkey King 3/ Popeye Panorama Screen 1983/Seiko Data-2000
 Old magazines from 70s/80s
 Baby food can from 70s and toy from the same time showing Mecca
 And my prized possession, a quarter KD from 1968 series of currency, there ia also a 1 KD and 10 KD note from the same time.
They are still cleaning out the house so who knows what is left, I can't wait to see more.

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