Thursday, August 11, 2016

Adobo Burritos is Closing

This was posted on August 5 which means it will be closing very soon. It started off as a good restaurant but prices were high and the location was difficult to find. I visited twice, once when they first opened and a second time last year which would be my last visit as the quality had gone down. It seems like Mexican restaurants in Kuwait struggle to stay open even though there are many Latinos here.


  1. Oh that's sad. What was the name of the little stand in the Avenues food court? I loved that place and was sad when they closed down. Also, there is (or was.. I wonder if they're still there) a Mexican restaurant called Azteca in the Village. Just went there once but I thought they were pretty decent, though I haven't tried a lot of Mexican I don't really have much to compare it to.

  2. I think its because us, Latinos, cook at home -____-

  3. Azteca is still there, I like their tamales but their burritos have white rice with black beans, not the Mexican rice I'm used to. I just want a hole in the wall place with good burritos and tacos, horchata and jamaica to sip on. Oh and a loaded 10 pound plate of nachos with carne asada and beans and ohhhh....

    As a white chick from Cali I can't cook those dishes, I've recently requested my ex to send me a comal from Cali to cook meat on so I will try. It would be nice if the Latinos here would invite us non-latinos over :)

    Although I could get an invite with the people I work with, turns out 2 of them are Panamanian and one is Mexican and white and I am practicing my Spanish again, yay!

    1. If only you liked cuban food 😋

    2. If only I had some Cubans or Columbians invite me over for dinner

  4. What do they expect? They had a 15 KD minimum order in my area. Ain't nobody got time for that.


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