Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Kuwait school fees- 2016

It's that time of year for parents to dig deep down into their savings and pray they can cover the ever increasing cost of sending children to private schools. Children get a Burger King education on a Harvard payment plan...welcome to Kuwait! My last school fee (post) was in 2013 in which you compare the difference in the prices which will continue to increase annually.

UPDATE: These prices were taken off of the websites, it does not reflect the additional fees of transportation, uniforms, books or other costs associated with private schools.

 American Creativity Academy
 American Baccalaureate School
 American School of Kuwait (ASK)
 Canadian Bilingual School
Global Bilingual Academy
Gulf British Academy
 International British School
Kuwait International English School
 New English School
The English Academy
These fees for American/British/Canadian are compared to the Indian/Pakistani school fees below, what a massive difference in fees! In all honesty I have visited the Fahaheel school and it was shocking to say the least but my main point is the school fees are less for those who are willing to do without all of the fancy amenities. Update: I visited the school over a year ago for those asking.

I do know that the testing standard for the Pakistani school is really difficult.


  1. why was it shocking ? If you may elaborate...

    1. It was an old building in the middle of Ahmadi,no order in the office and no one seem to have an answer to my questions about registration.

    2. The FAIPS is set of couple of buildings surrounded by KFH, NBK, TSC...

    3. When did u visit? They demolished the old building and have a new one up starting this august !

    4. Faips is one of the best indian school in kuwait. U shd look into it again. If u tried to contact them during summer holiday, no one wd hv been thr....

  2. I thought The English School offered til year 8 only? Are those prices for The English Academy instead?


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