Sunday, August 28, 2016

Kuwait is last place in tourism Revenue

KUWAIT: Ten Arab countries earned nearly $57.586 billion in international tourism revenue during 2015, and this represents 3.8 percent of the total international tourism revenue of $1.5 trillion during 2015.

The annual report of the World Tourism Organization said at the global level, 10 countries earned $655.9 billion in 2015, which is 43.73 percent of the total revenues. As for Arab countries, UAE topped the list during 2015 with $16.038 billion, which is 27.8 percent of the total Arab countries’ tourism revenue. Saudi Arabia was second with $10.130 billion, Lebanon third with $6.857 billion, Egypt fourth with $6.065 billion, Morocco fifth with $6.003 billion, Qatar sixth with $5.035 billion, Jordan seventh with $4.065 billion, Oman eighth with $1.540 billion, Tunisia ninth with $1.354 billion and Kuwait tenth with $499 million.

---Is that really surprising when majority of Kuwaiti citizens run off to another country as soon as a holiday is announced?

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  1. Kuwait has a "tourism" office in KIPCO Tower. You would never know it because nothing is advertised anywhere about it. It isn't exactly warm an inviting therefore for anyone who has an interest in promoting Kuwait as a tourism destination.

    To my knowledge, there are only 2 tour companies in Kuwait that promote the country. 2/3 of the country is expat population; people who would probably like to get to know the country where they live (and that is local/internal, not travelers coming to Kuwait as a destination). Kuwait has history. Culture. Food. Great sea life and 8 islands. No one knows about it.

    There are lots of service organizations just waiting to assist interested parties: yacht/boat charters, desert camp vendors, chalets for rent, etc. But - most of those small businesses are Arabic-speaking only, making it difficult to find them and converse with them.

    I had a comment just this week from a Gulf War Veteran who said he would really like it if Kuwait would develop a tour for veterans to come here and see the country now; to show where the battles took place, etc.

    There are all kinds of ideas, but no one is doing anything. Stagnation.


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