Thursday, August 25, 2016

89 Mall- Egaila

I've been seeing all of these signs for 89 Mall (can't help laughing at the odd choice of a name) all over my area and now I know which one it is. This huge one being built close to The Gate Mall. I've seen it being built for months but never knew the name....89 Mall link. I could see at least five escalators so it should be a big one. According to their website it will house some name brand shops.

Back in November I was at a health show and spoke with a Manager of Fitness First, at that time she told me they are opening a gym in this mall and it should be open in May. It is now August and the mall is still unfinished but once it opens it may have the gym there. There are also two more buildings opening up, I wonder what the traffic situation will be like.

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