Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Grocery prices

I usually shop for the same items every time and I'm always looking for price differences. LuLu has higher prices on some items. Below are pictures of Aquafina water 600 ml 55 fils while the LuLu brand 500 ml is 60 fils?

 I found these frozen chicken breasts in Abu Halaif Co Op, the price for 1 KG was .975 fils while the 2 KG bag was 2.100. If you buy two 1 KG bags the total would be 1.950 which is .150 fils less?

Today I bought the same 1 KG bag of chicken at LuLu for 1.050 and now they carry Karak tea in the purple box for 1.060, it sells for 880 fils in the co op.
I was happy to see the tea in LuLu but I will keep buying it from the local co op, 80 fils is 80 fils.

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  1. Some items are a bit on the higher side at lulu. My sister has a unusual habit of looking prices on the top shelf and taking stuff from the below. Does this happen to other folks too? Lol yeah but prices in general are less at co op


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