Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Lake Restaurant Complex

Surprise! A new restaurant complex is coming to Abu Hassani area, just when you thought we had enough, here comes one of the many heading our way. I was on the opposite side as I haven't quite figured out where the entrance is to the complex. The name of is 'The Lake' although I haven't heard of a Lake in Kuwait here is one now.

The restaurants I could make out are Pastamania, Applebee's, Olive Garden and Seal of Taste? Not to mention this Lego looking thing being built next to The Lake.
More restaurants perhaps?


  1. That last complex looks like stacked up shipping containers right? Isn't that area a little too saturated for more restaurant complexes? I'm surprised that more and more ones are popping up.

    1. It is an area for the chalet type homes of the upper class...there is also a third one opening up further down, I'm sure the people living in that area won't be happy with all of the traffic that comes with these places.


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