Monday, October 3, 2011

Thank you Mowasat Hospital

I must say this last weekend has really tested my faith. My daughter had swelling in her leg, thinking it was minor I took her to the government clinic- no insurance. They Egyptian doctor acted like it was minor and sent her for a shot and dressing of the wound. The next day I headed back to the clinic for the second round and saw that her leg was even more red and swollen. I decided she needed a hospital with real doctors.

She ended up at Mowasat Hospital in Salmiya. What was minor turned into a 4 day hospital stay and minor surgery. I must say that Mowasat is excellent place for kids. The nurses station has paintings and the nurses are great. They checked in on my daughter often and the housekeeping kept everything clean and sanitary. If you needed a nurse they would arrive immediately after you pushed the button. I would compare it to the states.

They treated her kind when she was crying about going to surgery and made sure she had everything she needed. Everyone there was really great and I would like to thank the staff at Mowasat for easing a scary situation.

I really hate the government clinics now. They cost me 24 hours of medical treatment for my daughter because of their stupidity. They could have at least given me a referral to the hospital instead of treating it as a minor scrape. I wonder how many people have suffered even more due to the carelessness of these so-called "doctors". I guess you get what you pay for. Free health care equals low quality service. Adol and surgery syrup or a shot in the butt is not always the answer to someones illness. No wonder why you hardly see Kuwaiti people there. I am now afraid to ever go back to anything government.

Is there anyone who really regulates the hospitals and clinics?

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  1. you could have gone to the emergency room at a govt hospital straight away.
    govt provided care is hit and miss
    some of their care is top notch- neo natel and cancer care is not in private hospitals for instance
    and if you get soap stuck in your ear, you go straight away or with a referral from a govt clinic to the open 24/7 ear hospital where they will suck that soap and ear wax out with ease - that would cost at least 50 kd in a private hospital
    the chest hospital also is top notch, with some waiting i got my allergies treated in the allergy hospital ok
    however, i have seen with my own eyes a man die in the emergency room of murbarak because of gross incompetence


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