Tuesday, October 18, 2011

70's Kuwait

Seems like Kuwait was one 'groovy' place in the 70's. These pics are from the National Geographic Magazine circa 1969 and were brought to light by DesertGirl. This all happened before the onset of the Islamic Revolution. People living in Kuwait had the Gazelle club (pictured below) which was a happening place. Booze flowed, dancing and parties took place.

National Geographic photo of the Gazelle Club..

The people were probably a lot nicer back then too.


  1. will i am kuwaiti citizen and your blogspot i see it verey funy and "Satirical" any way i hope here form you in email soon to Discuss fahad Q8_az@yahoo.com

  2. You can contact me via email... kuwait411@yahoo.com

  3. One thing that I don't appreciate is why the non-Muslims think that the Western-sense of "partying" is the only way to go. Aren't you through with drunk driving experiences of California which leaves people handicapped and children orphaned?

    There are other things in life to enjoy.


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