Friday, October 14, 2011

Kuwaiti royal gets ‘death’ for killing nephew

I doubt anyone will ever see the noose in Kuwait any time soon, especially if you are a 'royal'. Only KSA follows through on their death sentences with beheadings.

Kuwaiti royal gets ‘death’ for killing nephew:

Open to appeal

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 13, (AFP): Kuwait’s lower court on Thursday sentenced to death a member of the ruling family for killing his nephew, also a royal, a court statement said.
Sheikh Faisal Abdullah Al-Sabah was convicted of shooting 52-year-old Sheikh Basel Salem Al-Sabah to death at the latter’s palace on June 19, 2010, the statement said, apparently over a dispute on board membership in a sports club. The uncle had asked his nephew to come out with him for a private talk, but is said to have shot the victim five times as soon as they were alone.

Verdicts in Kuwait are issued in writing.

The verdict must be upheld by the appeals and supreme courts to become final. If confirmed, the sentence must be signed by HH the Amir in order to be carried out.
Sheikh Basel is the grandson of late former Amir Sheikh Sabah Salem Al-Sabah and the son of late minister of defence and interior Sheikh Salem Al-Sabah.
Kuwait, where death sentences are carried out by hanging, has had no executions since 2007 although a large number of prisoners are currently on death row. Authorities have given no reason for this.

If you read the newspapers frequently the you already know that 9/10 citizens get off from every crime they commit mostly due to "lack of evidence" or police messing up the initial investigation. Until the old laws are put in place no one is afraid to beat the hell out of someone or even kill because they know nothing will happen. Rapes and violence run rampant here.

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  1. i think 3 years ago the hawalli monster was hung in kuwait convicted of murdering/raping several girls
    as for the dead royal, he deserved it, the al sabahs were cleaning house


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