Monday, October 10, 2011

Campaign against cross-dressers

I sure wish this group would have seen the 3 guys/girls that were shopping in Payless (before the building burned down). On Saturday as we were looking for shoes in Payless my daughter comes around the corner telling me to look at the 2 guys wearing dishdasha, as they passed I couldn't figure out if they were girls dressing like guys or guys dressing like girls. They were shopping for high heel womens shoes. As I stood close enough to hear them speak one walks in front of me wearing a baseball cap with long straightened hair and boobs. WTH? I never thought boobs would go with dishdasha.

Campaign against cross-dressers:

Campaign against cross-dressers

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 9 : Some activists have launched a campaign on the social networking site ‘Facebook’ against cross-dressers under the slogan, ‘I am a man’, reports Al-Dar daily.
The founders of this page say they are bent on getting rid of this strange custom “in our society which has been imported from the West in the name of fashion.”
This custom has lured our youth to imitate women in the way they cut their hair, dress or in the manner they speak, they say

From what I could tell one had some sort of wig on that was short like guys hair and the other had a cap on with it's long hair stuffed inside. When I came to Kuwait in 2004 I never saw it even though I'm sure it was there but it was taboo to come out dressed as a girl. Now it's like 'woohoo I want to be a girl so I'm going to Thailand and get fixed up because no one in Kuwait cares.' Now I'm waiting to see them wear heels with dishdasha hehe.....

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