Thursday, October 6, 2011

ABHA pain continues...

I posted about my unfortunate trip to ABHA before Ramadan, well due to the pain in the same tooth I had to go to my regular dentist now that he's back in town. After all the pain and suffering from ABHA it seems the dentist did not fix my cavity correctly. A week ago I started feeling pain in the same tooth so I made an appointment with my regular doctor.

Last night I discovered that the ABHA dentist did not clean the cavity correctly. This meant I had to have the whole procedure done again. Thanks a lot ABHA clinic. Where did he get his dental license from?

No matter what pain I'm in I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO ABHA.

I will say Thank You to Dr. Fadi Syriani at the International Clinic, you are my hero and a great dentist! I just wish I didn't have to drive to Salmiya.

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