Sunday, October 16, 2011

Public sector ‘pay’ one of the highest in world

They are actually comparing KD to the US dollar? Really?

Public sector ‘pay’ one of the highest in world:

Disparity justifies protests: MP

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 15: As per a study conducted by MP Ahmad Al-Saadoun, recent increments have pushed the average monthly salaries of Kuwaitis working in the public sector to KD 1,598 to become one of the highest in the world, reports Al-Rai daily.

The study indicates that Kuwaitis working in Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and its affiliates in the oil sector receive average salaries and allowances worth KD 4,800, equivalent to $210,000 a year, which is more than half the annual salary US President Barack Obama receives, which is $400,000.

It also revealed the average monthly earnings of Kuwaitis working in the government sector is thrice the average monthly earnings of their expatriate colleagues, which is $ 591.5. The vast difference in the average salaries of personnel working in different sectors of the country is evident, notwithstanding the similar qualifications they hold, indicating the series of protests and sit-ins is justified by workers who feel they are unjustly treated.

Meanwhile, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) requires the government institutions to activate cabinet’s decision and retire workers serving in various departments for more than 30 years, reports Al-Moustaqbal daily.

The decision follows failure and slackness by some government agencies to implement the CSC decision due to pressures from senior government officials.

Yes in dollars they are making a crapload of money but we are in Kuwait, they use KD which means 1 KD spends like one dollar. Everything here is so freaking expensive so in REALITY they are not making that much in Kuwait compared to the US. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!

Who the hell are those people making over 1500 KD? My sister's husband works in the MOH and makes 450 KD and when my husband worked in immigration he was getting less than 700 KD. I'd like to know in which sector do they make over 1500 KD? Everyone knows that people working in the oil companies get paid a lot and have cushy jobs and not everyone gets into those companies without a lot of WASTA.


  1. Pay is based on sector and education. Oil sectors, such as KOC and KNPC rarely pay less than 1500 kd a month to the low level employees. Someone working in a ministry without a degree is likely to make well below 1000 kd. Private companies pay higher depending on the positions. My husband makes almost 2000 kd a month and I make over 3000 kd a month. A friend also makes almost 1800 kd and he is not working for the government either. Government offers more security but not always more pay.

  2. Thanks for the info! Making more $ than your hubby, you go girl! :)

    Are they hiring :P

  3. Shhh, we don't mention it :) We're not hiring right now but should be! I'll keep you posted. Then you can make more money than yours too but never tell anyone :)

  4. Great!!
    Do u have any idea about the salary structure in PACI. I am a Software developer having 7 years of experience I have worked with the big IT companies of the world.



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