Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hijab Rules

I thought this was cute and explains everything.....

Speaking of plucked eyebrows, whenever I go out I scan all the women's eyebrows trying to find one who doesn't pluck and I have to say I haven't found one yet. Even the most religious looking women have perfect plucked eyebrows. Is there anyone out there who doesn't pluck?


  1. no one plucks, they thread

  2. Pluck/thread it's all the same... 7aram....

  3. I don't know why so many muslim girls are saying it is not haram to pluck eyebrows if the quran says it is then it is. simple

  4. As-Salāmu ‘Alaykum (^_^)

    There are Muslim women who practise ḥijāb in its entirety (or are trying their hardest to) – and not plucking is inclusive al-ĥamdu-lilah (^_^). I don’t pluck (shape, thread . . . whatever terminologies “pluckers” choose to hide behind to justify their actions) nor does my mother as well as a number – albeit small – of Muslim women who don’t al-ĥamdu-lilah (^_^).

    Note: There are women who naturally have thin eyebrows and I’m one of those women Allah (SWT) created that way (*^_^*).

    My intent is not to brag (al-ĥamdu-lilah); I’m simply letting you know there are Muslim women who don’t pluck and try to practise ḥijāb in a manner pleasing to Allah (SWT).

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    If you’re interested (*^_^*):

    Glossary, Lexicon & More:

    ‘A Symbol of My Love (My Declaration)’:

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    Sweet Blessings and Ramadān Mubārak v(^_^)v


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