Saturday, November 9, 2013

Our day in the desert with a side of camel Farms

We decided to take a family trip to the desert for the holiday off. We all met up, packed everyone in the SUV and headed out toward Kabd. You take the 6th ring and exit to the left where it says Kabd and head straight down the road. You will come across some people selling stuff like fireworks (I thought they were illegal?) charcoal, wood and ice cream. You will begin to see some activity a little further down on the right.
Out in the desert you will see horses, donkeys, buggies and lots of people having fun. As soon as you pull up a herd of animals and their keepers will run toward you. There are horses for 1 KD, camels, donkeys with carts and buggies (2 KD for 30 minutes) waiting for you to pick so bring cash.

This donkey reminds me of Tijuana, Mexico, I have a picture of me as a child sitting on a donkey with a cart.

After riding horses and buggies we head straight down, make a u-turn and take a right into the camel areas. The area is full of camel farms and auctions, we decided to pull off the main road and find some camels we could get close to. We found this farm with white camels and one brown baby. The camels came up to us and kissed the kids. When we were taking pics the baby camel kept pulling my hair, I guess he liked the herbal essence shampoo.

After a whole bunch of pictures it was time to leave and say bye to the camels, not much has changed since the last time we visited 5 years ago except the addition of 3 kids. I love the place, I wish they had a petting zoo or a place like The Little Jungle.


  1. This is so cool. I have been in Kuwait for almost 3 months and have yet to see a camel. I would love to go visit. I want to ride a camel. lol Do I sound too touristy? Can you add a better description on how exactly I can drive there without getting lost??? Please?? thanks

  2. 3 months and you didn't see a camel? Really? This area is exit 604 towards wafra or kabd from the 6th ring, go left and take it straight on, straight thru the round-a-bout and on down until you see them on the right side.


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