Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Potty Mouth

The owner of Better Books has a potty mouth!
"jesus gdf christ kuwaitis can't agree on when to pray 5 times and they can't tell the difference between a ٢ and a ٣ no wonder this country is screwed"
Um, wasn't she in trouble for having mixed classes? Yet she advertises for mixed yoga classes?

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  1. As an aside, the short form for Taaminat is PIFSS and not, "PISS".

    Also, if anyone faces any issues with Taaminat (PIFSS), the manager's cabin is on the counter floor itself and the issue can be solved if wrong papers are given etc. Maybe she just got the paper she had asked for. If she had originally asked for Paper No. 3, she may not have had to go back to the PIFSS.

    So making it sound as though the PIFSS gave her wrong papers is not acceptable.

    Also, language!!!


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