Saturday, November 23, 2013

Puffed up collagen and impants- Article about female Arab TV hosts- Funny!

I'm usually not a fan of articles written by Badrya Darwish of Kuwait Times but this one cracked me up! She wrote about the female TV hostesses being "puffed up on collagen and implants" which is so true. I never thought anyone would be brave enough to point out the level of women on Arab TV but Badry sure did.

"I do not mean to depress you guys but this is the news. You never hear good news. Then, you look at the TV broadcaster. She wears full-fledged make-up and shows off deep cleavage. God bless the Lebanese broadcasters whose shirts do not even have long sleeves. The meteorology broadcaster is half naked east and west from the waistline.
Excuse me, is there no coordination between the news and what the news presenters are wearing? If a presenter is reporting from a theatre, musical or a fashion awards ceremony then such clothes are acceptable. But broadcasting the bloody news with all these dresses does not fit. This is not modernization. On top of that, the broadcaster delivers the news of a murder with a big smile between the segments. There is no compassion or empathy for the casualties,"(link)
Some examples:

Kuwaiti hostesses
 Saudi Arabia hostess
Lebanese hostess
 There are a lot more outrageous looking females, these are the ones I could find on Google.

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