Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gold Souk and The Bazaar areas - Now Open in Avenues

The new gold area called "Gold Souk" and "The Bazaar" is now open in Avenues, the top floor is full of gold stores but not all of them have opened up yet while the area downstairs has several shops like Centerpoint and Home Centre.

Now you can really shop for everything in one place and it's not crowded yet. This means we still have the Garden Oasis, Entertainment, Hotel, Garden Arcade and Soku areas to look forward to according to this animated video which is crazy to look at because the animation has become reality with a few changes like the giant egg in the fountain in the luxury area and the fountain design in the Bazaar area pictured above.

These new areas and phases are all nice and cool but for God's sake can't someone fix the highway entrance to the mall? You've got 80% of the population of Kuwait trying to squeeze into 2 lanes to get to the mall, does anyone think someone forgot to address that problem when drawing the initial plans? Mr. Al-Shaya please build your own highway to Avenues!

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