Monday, November 18, 2013

The Fashion Outlet - by Al Ostoura

Did anyone know there is a high end fashion outlet by Al Ostoura in Salmiya? I had Googled "outlet in Kuwait" and they gave me the name of the store but I never had time to get down there until yesterday. Since I was out and about having lunch for my mom's birthday I passed by the store and it was amazing! Prices are discounted by 70% and 90% which includes shoes, clothing, bags and accessories.

 Men's clothing
 Clothing for kids

 Everyone needs a pair of hairy boots!
They are open 10-10, located in Salmiya on the opposite side of H&M/Center point, a few stores down from the sheesha with the huge TV screen above it. You should park in the back, it's easier and go inside the building to the escalator which will take you right to the door. Happy Shopping!


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  2. There are numerous clothes available in the department and outlet stores. So, I would like to know that how I can find out my favorite dress. Please suggest from where I can get this Kim Rogers Clothing.

  3. i always noticed it but never went it thinking it was only for women n kuwaiti. How are the prices?


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