Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Entertainment City

After having so much fun during our desert outing I decided we should head for Entertainment City in Doha for some more fun. We haven't visited this place in years, it was pretty much the same but some of the good rides like the space needle, dhow boat ride, smaller roller coaster and log ride were closed for "maintenance" so I wonder if they were broke and no one cared to fix them or what.

 Bull ride

 This ride killed us, it lasted a long time and turned us upside down more than we wanted.
 Cute, but does anyone really care?
I had my eyes closed the whole time on this one.
 You have to pay 2 KD for this ride, it's short but worth it
 The ghetto fabulous safari ride

 The track for a short car ride
 Always a good ride for chilling

 This reminds me of Knott's Berry Farm
Old West theme

It's 3.500 KD entrance fee, some rides you have to pay extra. It's open now for Winter hours which are 4-10 weekdays, 10-10 weekends and Monday is for ladies only. It's too bad Touristice Enterprises does not promote the various places of entertainment, the park could use some trimming and paint. I don't think people venture out there anymore since Avenues has opened which is good for those who want to ride and not wait forever.


  1. is KD 6 enough for two hours or should it be KD 10

  2. I think the entrance fee is 3.500 KD and if you eat at McDonald's around 1.850KD and if you want to ride the big roller coaster it's 1 KD.


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