Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Southern- food from the South coming Soon

A new Southern restaurant is coming to Mahboula soon. "The Southern" is an idea from two half Kuwaiti/ half American females with a goal to have everyone have a taste of the South and I'm right there when they open! Oh how long have I waited to eat collard greens and southern food minus the pork. I did have a sweet lady make me special greens from smoked turkey neck but that only came once a year when we held the African-American pride day.

Their website quote:

"Our food is best described as New Southern cuisine. It's all your favorite Southern classics with a modern high-quality spin and local ingredients galore. Our grandparents' down-home Southern cooking was served directly from the farm to the table for every meal. So why change what has worked for centuries? The Southern promises to make your favorite Southern dishes even better than you remember with a touch of gourmet and a lot of heart."

"We're two half Kuwaiti/half American owners; one from North Carolina and the other originally from Kentucky. After toying with the idea of opening a restaurant based on family recipes that have been handed down through generations for a while now, we decided to just go for it. Our intent was to create a neighborhood restaurant, where people can have a dining experience, not just a meal. We’re not making your typical fried chicken and grits; we’re breathing a little life into the cuisine, so people can really start understanding what Southern food can be. Truly a feast for the soul. By serving up dishes like Collard Greens & Artichoke Dip, Slow-Cooked Barbecue Beef Brisket with baked mashed potatoes, and made-from-scratch cobblers (peach and blackberry), we are hoping to delight Kuwait patrons with honest-to-goodness classic Southern fare with a modern spin that would make any grandma below the Mason-Dixon Line proud."

I will post their opening information when they have set the date. Until then you can find more information from their FB and website .... good luck ladies.


  1. Sure thing! I love helping out new business owners, especially females and we are looking forward to visiting as soon as you open!

  2. As for the person who cussed me out about providing a're supposed to click on the highlighted words you moron.

  3. The Southern

    Upon walking into the Southern we were greeted and seated by the manager.The decor was quite welcoming and gave me an instant feeling of comfort.The waitress greeted us and took our order,we ordered sloppy joe sliders with mashed potatoes and the pulled chicken with cornbread.After waiting about a good for 40 minutes only our side dishes came out the cornbread and the mashed potatoes which I thought was really strange.We had to wait an additional 30 minutes to receive our main entree.
    The restaurant has a total of 12 tables and only 3 tables were dining in at that time and boy I tell you there were a roomful of complaints from each table.The restaurant definitely has a lot of potential but they have kinks they need to work out to make everybody happy.The service was very poor,the food was tasty but nothing over the edge.The main problem about waiting for the food is that I was sweating my balls off because the restaurant doesn’t have a air conditioning system.This is something you can not lack while eating,could you imagine sweating and eating hot foods?

    Decor 10/10
    Service 2/10
    Food 7/10

  4. I agree totally. Although they are a cute couple and the idea is a good one the food really didn't impress me. I'm from Pensacola while their food is northern southern maybe that's a difference? I'm used to Po' Folks country food and I was surprised that even biscuits were considered a side dish. At the tasting we were only allowed to try fried chicken and meatloaf, I wish I would've tried the sliders. The tea was not sweet enough and watery but hey I think they can improve with time. The prices though to me are really high for the type of food. 9.500 KD for a Ramadan selection? Even the fufu restaurants charge the same or a couple dinar more for their buffets. I wish them luck and hope it works out. The a/c problem would break the deal for me most definitely.


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