Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Loss of Kuwait Nationality

KUWAIT CITY, July 21, (Agencies): Kuwait on Monday revoked the citizenship of the owner of a pro-opposition television station and a newspaper, along with several other people, in an apparent crackdown on dissent.In a statement issued after a cabinet meeting, the government said it was revoking the citizenship of Ahmad Jabr al-Shemmari, owner of Al-Youm satellite television and Alam Al-Youm newspaper, and all members of his family.

It took the same action against former Islamist opposition MP Abdullah al-Barghash, two of his brothers and his sister.The measures come a week after the Kuwaiti government ordered a review of the citizenship of people who posed a threat to national security.Monday’s statement gave no specific reasons for the action against Shemmari, a naturalised citizen.

But it noted that it was based on a provision in the nationality law that allows the authorities to revoke the citizenship of people who threaten the state.Al-Youm and Alam Al-Youm have covered the activities of the opposition which has staged mass protests in the past two years, demanding fundamental reforms including an elected government.Alam Al-Youm reported on Monday that the police had questioned its non-Kuwaiti staff and seized their passports.

The cabinet said the citizenships of Barghash and his relatives were revoked because they had been granted on the basis of false information.link
When some people finally get the citizenship they still don't appreciate it. The whole family lost their citizenship, that has he to be an awful feeling.



  1. I always wonder, when they revoke these people's citizenship, where do they go? Do they stay in Kuwait? Are they considered illegal? Are they all of a sudden stateless? Do they require a visa to live and work there? I assume (if they're employed by a ministry) they must lose their jobs? And any additional income? What about their debt (because you know they have some)? Does their home go into foreclosure? Do their cars get repossessed? And when they say 'entire family' does this mean self/spouse/children or does that mean everyone from parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc? I've always suspected that revoking of citizenship thing to be yet another law that looks good on paper but isn't really implemented to the fullest extent.

    1. They're Saudi dual citizens. All of the people who have recently lost the Kuwaiti nationality are dual citizens (mainly Saudis).

      There are 470,000 Saudi dual citizens in Kuwait http://alrayalaam.com/news/details/1179/

      According to Gulf News, there are 432,000 Saudi dual citizens

      Therefore, 36%-40% of Kuwaitis are Saudi dual citizens:

      Since 432,000/1.2 million = 36% and 470,000/1.2 million = 40%

      Dual citizenship is illegal in Kuwait. By law, anyone caught with dual citizenship is supposed to lose the Kuwaiti nationality. All Saudi dual citizens obtained the Kuwaiti nationality through fraud (by submitting falsified documents).

      The Saudi dual citizens have different names in each passport they hold. Dual citizens receive welfare financial benefits from both Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Dual citizens can take a loan in Kuwait, and move to Saudi Arabia so they never have to pay back the loan.

      Dual citizens can commit a crime in Kuwait and move to Saudi Arabia with their Saudi passport.

      Dual citizens are a security threat to Kuwait. Most Saudi dual citizens are Bedu.

    2. Hundreds of thousands of Saudis obtained the Kuwaiti nationality illegally after 1990

      There's currently a bill in the Parliament to detect those who obtained the Kuwaiti nationality through fraud

  2. Correction: All Saudi dual citizens are Bedu.


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