Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Disaster zone by Messila

There must have been some huge event that took place across from Messila beach because the garbage left behind is just unbelievable. I black and white checkered floor which held some kinds of fake trees and flowers along with wood structures of some sort.

 A couple of tiled stages were abandoned

 Fancy walkway leading to some kind of room once decorated with trees, flowers and astro turf

 A huge area of garbage left behind
This was obviously a huge event that must have cost a lot to build, only to be destroyed when they were finished and didn't even have to clean up, typical outcome.

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  1. @q8needsyou on instagram works on clean up projects in Kuwait. Try to tag them on some of your photos.

    I've seen this place. It looks like someone-livin-large had a big party (or series of parties) there over time and just left it. I think these types of events/event halls are great - just have the decency and courtesy to clean up after yourselves (just like the desert camps and beaches!)


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