Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Adobo Burritos Review

 After hearing about the grand opening for a new burrito place I had to taste it for myself. It's been a long time since I had a good burrito in Kuwait. Adobo Burritos concept from Kuwaiti owner Sabah, who lived and studied in Washington, DC before coming back to Kuwait five years ago and deciding to open up a burrito shop in Mahboula to fulfill his burrito cravings. The outside will include a small sitting area and once he is fully staffed he will be considering delivery in the future.
He also has plans within the next year to expand to the city areas if everything works out. The inside of the restaurant is simple with a great atmosphere. You watch your food being made and choose what toppings you would like. The huge burritos remind me of the way they make it back in California although we used red Spanish rice and AB uses white rice and black beans but still good overall.

 We had chicken and steak burritos, chicken burrito bowl and horchata to top it off. The horchata is a rice-based drink with cinnamon and sometimes milk.

The green salsa is a little spicy, I could of had a bowl of it, that's how good it was!
 The pinkish building with a light blue line will be your focal point when turning, you can exit off of 210 and turn right, taking the first right after the white wall hiding the Sheikh's villa. Take the first left and first right. Street 216 block 2 Mahboula.
The Chicken burritos are 2.950, steak 3.500 and vegetarian 2.750, chips are 1.250, horchata 1.000 with soda .500 and water .300. I enjoyed it very much, only concerns are the tortillas need to be heated a little longer so they don't break when eating and the nachos should be fried to order so they are still warm, when they sit they become stale but definitely worth trying.

Contact: 69957242
Website: www.adoboburritos.com
email: info@adoboburritos.com

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