Friday, October 17, 2014

Dubai adds boats and water crafts to their Fleet

As if outrunning the Dubai police in a sports car was a silly idea, now it appears you can’t escape the emirate’s long arm of the law out on the water either. The latest addition to the police department’s uber-fast fleet? An amphibious Gibbs Quadski.

Weighing in at 1,333 lbs., the versatile Quadski sports a 1300cc four-cylinder engine, good for running down criminals on land and pursuing even craftier ones on water thanks to its 140-horsepower output and 45mph top speed in the wet.

It’s only fitting that the Dubai PD had to up its fleet once again. Just a few days ago the emirate’s medical first responders added a Lotus Evora and two Ford Mustangs to its ambulance fleet, which if were being honest, is still a far cry from the police force’s Bugatti Veyron, 700-horsepower Brabus Mercedes G-Class, McLaren MP4-12C and smattering of other super-lux speed machines.

The Gibbs Quadski will join the Dubai police’s typically high-powered marine fleet, which also includes the green and white speed boat seen above, built by Victory Team earlier this year. Perhaps starting trouble in Dubai would be a poor choice.

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