Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kiva - Lending to the Needy

If anyone is interested in helping out needy people and people of Palestine this is a really great site to donate increments of $25/7.250 KD to those needing a loan which they will pay back over time if they don't run into problems along the way. The screenshot below is from my account, people who I've sponsored and as you can see, several people have already repaid the loan.
Unfortunately the loans made to people in Palestine have become delinquent due to the war and bombings of the country. There are risks involved but it's only $25, not a large amount to fret over. I started off with loaning to 4 people totaling $100 and once I reached $25 in re-payments I loaned to another person. There is Islamic finance which is the main area I donate to and a new area for conflict zones such as Palestine.

 I started a lending team named 'Kuwait for Kiva' unfortunately it didn't spark the interest I thought it would but I'm giving it another chance.
You can find more on their website and you can recommend friends earning yourself $25 to lend for each person who signs up.

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